Eucharist Survival Horror Game

Imagine old school Resident Evil with an eldritch sci-fi twist. Communication technology brings people closer than ever, both psychologically and physically.


Will you escape or assimilate?

Suppose there was a communications technology that could slowly and destructively assimilate people into a hivemind. What would happen? What would that look like? How does it “slowly and destructively” assimilate? What even is a “hivemind”? What happens to those that aren’t assimilated? Join us in our exploration of Otherworlds Inc's newest world, Eucharist, developed by team Otherworlds Inc, and Lead Developer Ryan Chanlatte.

Ariel Zadora

Take the reins of Ariel Zadora, a depressed college student as she learns to navigate this world as an adult. Ariel copes by immersing herself in movies, digital influencers, and social media. She is stubborn, virtuous, and compassionate. Furthermore, she wears her heart on her sleeve and hates letting down those she loves.


The newly renamed Xurora Innovations, a massive conglomerate consisting of the largest communication companies in the world has been developing communication technologies to connect people for generations. Starting with the postal service, to telegraphs, radios, telephones, and eventually the internet. Fast-forward to the year 2052, where innovations have focused first on reducing latency, handling volume, linking discrete sensory experiences, finally aggregating everything into an experience called, TESHA (pronounced TEA-SHAH).

The motivation behind project Tesha is well-intentioned and easy to follow. The minds behind project Tesha believe the vast majority of pain and suffering is caused by conflict. One of the best ways to reduce conflict is through communication. The implication is clear. If you can facilitate communication, it stands to reason you can reduce pain and suffering by preventing conflict. 

They will accomplish this by creating and improving communications technology with the end goal of tearing down barriers to communication. Even if those barriers are physical or mental. When those barriers are torn down, the bodies of the host disfigure and contort into hideous abominations. For some, this process is instantaneous. For most, it is a slow and excruciating process where their mind is slowly rent, neuron by neuron. The ends justify the means...


From rodent bodies mutated into visual husks of information for you to tap into, to menacing ravenous hounds forever reliving the cycle of guarding their now distorted homes, and even monsters beyond reckoning. Will you be smart enough to survive?


The perversion of the human form, relationships, and architecture is among a few things that this biotechnology has altered during the Outbreak. Will you curate a unique and innovative way to escape or fall victim to the melancholy and terror slowly creeping inside you...


Traverse the fog ridden stifling sewers and claustrophobic corridors of a metropolitan city richly influenced by the U.S. East Coast. A horrid outbreak has resulted in abominations among all living, even your Goldfish Frank... Surviving's obvious, but how will you deal with your own madness?


Surviving an outbreak is not enough, especially since you're infected. As you stare into the mirror, you question who is looking back. The voices are muffled, but they whisper, strangers, crying and seeking to infiltrate your mind. It might be too much to bear, but there's a chance to get a cure.



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